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New 25, 50, and 100GbE Technology Takes Off

June 8, 2016    | Press Release Via 2550100 Alliance

Eight Vendors Build 40 Reference Architectures around Dell Servers with 25GbE networks

The 2550100 Alliance, a group of companies working together to bring solutions to market based on new 25, 50 and 100Gb Ethernet technology, today announced the industry has reached six important milestones: 1) Alliance member Dell became the first company with general availability of 25GbE solutions spanning servers and networks, 2) The alliance completed its first SolutionFest which yielded 40 reference architectures, 3) Three companies have opened  2550100 Solution Labs, 4) In only one year since its inception, membership in the 2550100 Alliance has grown to over 140 companies,5) The alliance has become a global community with members in North America, Europe and Asia, and 6) Crowd-sourced reference material from members and non-members is now available to industry watchers at

Merrimac is a 255010100 Alliance Member 

Crowd-sourcing reference material for channel partners and IT organizations

Another goal of the 2550100 Alliance is to make useful content easily available to channel partners and IT organizations. To that end, the 2550100 Alliance has brought crowd-sourcing to the industry organization world by accepting 2551000GbE reference material from alliance members and non-members, and publishing the content on

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