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Hosted Applications

No Infrastructure Required. Host your Applications in the m.brella Cloud

If a business application runs in Windows or Linux, you can run it through Merrimac’s m.brella Hosted Application service. That means you can run the application without having to buy, provision and maintain your own server, manage security patches and upgrades, or monitor the system to make sure it’s running. Merrimac will manage and deliver applications for you with at least 99.9 percent uptime.

The m.brella Hosted Applications service is available for any Windows line-of-business application, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Sage, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. Service is delivered through the cloud, so you not only don’t need to buy computing hardware to run the application, you don’t have to buy the application itself – software is available on a monthly subscription model so you only pay for your actual number of users each month. Merrimac will also host the applications you already own, so you can enjoy 99.9 percent uptime without having to do the hard work of application management, patching and backup and recovery.

m.brella Hosted Applications takes the support costs and complexity out of running software. Use the service to get the performance and peace of mind you need without paying for infrastructure and internal support that you don’t.

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  •   Centralize your applications and data in the data center while ensuring easy access
  •   Reduce costs by simplifying application, desktop and data management
  •   Boost mobility by delivering Windows apps and desktops on any device
  •   Prepare for bring-your-own device initiatives with Windows 10 or MAC OS



  •   Achieve IT efficiency with faster virtualized application deployment
  •   Eliminate maintenance of systems and applications
  •   Reduce costs by eliminate on-premise infrastructure and software purchases
  •   Increase IT agility and flexibility across on-premise and cloud resources
  •   We build and manage your private cloud using Hyper-V infrastructure and Windows Server


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