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Hosted Desktops

Eliminate PC Refreshes with a Hosted Desktop Model.

You have to keep your PCs running to keep your business running, which is why IT staffs spend so much time on user support. The job is getting harder as employees use more types of desktop computers, laptops, phones and other devices for work. That keeps support staff busy making sure the devices and networks they run on are secure, updating software, managing backups and doing basic troubleshooting for the many issues that come up each day.

There is a better way. Merrimac can deliver reliable, high-performance Windows computing to all your employees whenever and wherever they are working through our m.brella Hosted service. Full PC functionality is securely delivered through a network connection any time, anywhere. Plus, Merrimac can add capacity and quickly deliver fully provisioned desktops for new users in minutes.

Users usually can’t tell any difference when they’re working on a hosted desktop, but the IT support staff can — because they’re freed from time-consuming, repetitive support tasks. Merrimac manages desktop support, security and software updates and backs up all user files, data and personal settings, so the IT staff can do something else.

The m.brella Hosted Desktop Service provides many financial and operational benefits. First, it extends the life of PC hardware, which saves money by stretching out the replacement cycle. Second, it optimizes asset utilization. With a traditional, physical PC, you pay for the processor, memory, software licenses and other resources for every device, all the time, regardless of whether it is being used. Hosted desktops are also extremely convenient, because users can get full access to their desktops – including files and applications – wherever they can get a network connection.

Adding more computer users and applications no longer means you need to add more support. Merrimac’s Hosted s make personal computing more reliable, responsive and cost effective.

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  •   Cloud desktops provide a secure and flexible application delivery model
  •   Centralize your applications and data in the data center while ensuring easy access
  •   Reduce costs by simplifying application, desktop and data management
  •   Boost mobility by delivering Windows apps and desktops on any device
  •   Prepare for bring-your-own device initiatives with Windows 10 or MAC OS

  •   Hosted Desktops are secured with central security policies
  •   Centralized and simplified IT desktop management
  •   Horizon View provides great end user experience for knowledge workers, 3D developers and mobile workers
  •   Reduce Capex and Opex costs for Software licensing and support costs
  •   Server pools provide the power, reducing cost for new hardware
  •   Hosted Desktops are accessible from remote location and different computing devices

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