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Data Centers – On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid – What’s Best for Your Company

10/12/2017 | Guest Contributor, John Quinn

Data. Whether you are a startup, a small- to mid-sized business, or a large corporation, data management can make you cringe. It is no secret that security is priority one, with hacked-data stories populating the news seemingly each week. There are plenty of options to manage your data center and data management needs, but how do you choose what is best for your company?

Circling back with entrepreneurs to see how well they lived up to resolutions for 2010

January 08, 2011 | By: Christina Le Beau

First Mr. Quinn documented all the troubleshooting and support calls and e-mails that he, his engineer and contractors were handling for supposedly low-maintenance accounts, including some items that had slipped through the cracks and weren't being billed. After he shared the results with clients, about 20% of them agreed to switch from an hourly rate to committed blocks of billable hours per month.

Chicago entrepreneurs share their 2010 New Year's resolutions

January 09, 2010  | By: Christina Le Beau 

"At the beginning of 2009, we started analyzing our books to see which customers utilize most of our time but generate the least amount of revenue and profit. It was alarming. Most of these companies were not interested in committing to a minimum number of billable hours per month.

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