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It's All About the Data.

If you're managing physical or virtual servers, large pools of unstructured data or a Big Data environment, a Storage Area Network (SAN) can improve application availability, enhance application performance, and improve data protection and security. Depending on your requirements, Merrimac will determine the appropriate solution for you.




  •   All Flash and Hybrid Arrays supporting up to 8 Petabytes in a cluster
  •   Infosight Cloud Big Data engine for capacity and performance management
  •   Cisco validated designs when integrated with Cisco UCS (Smartstack)
  •   All software included (Compression, De-Dupe, Encryption, Replication, Snapshots)
  •   Integration with VMWare vCenter and Veeam v9.5





  •   Enterprise Cloud Platform converges compute, virtualization and storage into a single solution
  •   Resilient software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence
  •   Powerful enough for the most demanding workloads at any scale
  •   Flexible hypervisor support (vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V, AHV, Xenserver)
  •   Includes Data tiering, flash storage, and dense hard drives




  •   100% Native S3 Object Storage Platform
  •   Provides Petabyte-scalable and simple to manage solution
  •   Deploy on-premises or configure a hybrid cloud and automatically tier data to the public cloud
  •   Manage your workload with a Web based UI, self-service portal and Quality of Service (QoS)
  •   Modular, shared-nothing architecture allows admin to add nodes easily and disruptively
  •   Use cases; private cloud, backup and archival, unstructured data, media and entertainment








  •   Universal Access
  •   Unified Management & Reporting
  •   Complete Software Appliance
  •   Flexible Deployment
  •   Continuous Protection
  •   Enterprise Support


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